The Flint River Trails plan identifies over 21 miles of green way trail, 11 water trail access points, and over 600 acres of available land for additional mountain biking and equestrian trail opportunities within Dougherty County.  The steering committee concentrated the master plan along the Flint River as that is where most of the publicly available land and feasible opportunities reside.  A steering committee of  local residents reviewed and selected the proposed initial trail segments based on ease of development and stand-alone feasibility.  Implementation of the initial trail segments will follow the Flint River Trails plan adoption as described within the following pages.

3.1 Trail Segments

Within the overall master plan, the steering committee has reviewed and dissected the trail master plan into five separate segments for clearer understanding and easier implementation. The segments have been chosen in terms of logical starting and ending points, feasibility, and priorities determined by the steering committee. The segments are as follows:

  1. Albany Sasser Rail Trail Connectivity to the Riverfront Trail and Downtown
  2. Chehaw Connection
  3. Albany State University to Paul Eames Sports Complex
  4. Albany State University to Radium Springs
  5. Downtown to the Boy Scout Property

3.2 How To Determine Costs

As part of the master plan, the design team created cost estimates and a phasing plan by considering a variety of factors including but not limited to:

  1. Trail type, width, and material
  2. Structural elements such as bridges, culverts, retaining walls, and boardwalks
  3. Acquisition needs through private property
  4. Trail signage and amenities
  5. Surveying, engineering, and design for construction

For the different trail types proposed within this plan, the following linear foot estimates were used based on 2016 construction costs.

  • 12’ wide concrete multi-use trail: $175.00 per linear foot
  • Mountain bike trail: $6.00 per linear foot
  • Equestrian trail: $6.00 per linear foot
  • Water trail: $75,000 lump sum – new parking and landing/launch facility
    • $50,000 lump sum – new ramp/launch facility w/o parking
    • $25,000 lump – improving existing facility

*As implementation begins, a cost for inflation will need to be considered with an average increase of 4-6% annually.


To Be Continued….