ASU To Radium Springs

ASU To Radium Springs

May 2018 Update

The next few projects are critical links to the Flint River Trails system. While generally not destinations in their own right, these trails are important because they connect various component trails to downtown Albany.

The first of these is the Albany State University to Radium Springs trail. By the summer of 2019, there will be a trail from downtown to the southern end of the ASU campus and about 6 miles of trails in and around Radium Springs. However, there will be about a two-mile gap separating the two. The route has been conceptually planned, but design work has yet to begin.

This multi-use trail will serve to connect the Radium Springs trails to the ASU campus, downtown Albany, through Thronateeska and Tift Park, to the Albany Sasser Rail Trail, through Lee and Terrell Counties all the way to Sasser. This will create a continuous 22-mile paved route which will quickly become a regional asset.

By linking rural, suburban and urban parts of the region, the trails will provide something for the majority of the citizens. Whether looking for recreation, exercise, socializing or even non-motorized transportation, the Flint River Trails system will greatly enhance the quality of life in Southwest Georgia.

ASU to Radium Springs

Project Completion estimate Estimated Cost
Design Not Available $1,300,000
Construction Not Available $5,700,000
TOTAL $7,000,000