Flint River Trails Master Plan

By wormlelo | May 7, 2017
River Front Trail


The Dougherty County Trail Master Plan was started as a means to develop an interconnected trail system throughout the City of Albany and Dougherty County. In today’s real estate market, trails are being called the new beachfront property. People want to live close to trails as they provide many benefits such as increased mental and physical health, increased sociability, a way of transportation, and an increase in economic activity. The millennial generation desires to be near trails and the benefits they provide.

As the millennials in Albany look elsewhere and leave for cities that provide these amenities, it is crucial that the City of Albany and Dougherty County promote the development of this trail system as a means of encouraging their younger generation to want to stay or come back. This trail system will also be a major draw to businesses looking to locate in a city that has a greater quality of life for its workers. In addition to the increased quality of life, the trail system will increase local spending and tax revenues. The return on this investment should be a win for everyone.
Opportunities abound with over 1,560 acres of publicly-owned property along the banks of the Flint River within Dougherty County. This asset provides a range of unique opportunities for different types of recreational trail facilities to serve many citizens’ interests.

Now is the time for Dougherty County to be interconnected and re-linked to the Flint River and Albany’s downtown core. A well-designed, well-constructed trail system will go a long way towards making Dougherty County one of southern Georgia’s most desirable emerging areas, so let’s get a move on!