Fussell Road trail section photos by Chip Battle and Lonnie Wormley


Albany-Sasser Rail Trail - Walk-Run-Bike Event

Americans young and old are flocking to the nearest greenway trail to exercise, recreate, socialize and just have fun. These multi-purpose trails are becoming a critical component of infrastructure in communities competing for employers and the millennials they wish to employ. Together, the Flint River Trails Master Plan and the Albany-Sasser Rail Trail Corridor Study (available on our website) identify approximately thirty miles of multiuse trails in addition to proposed areas for mountain bike and equestrian trail expansion as well as improvements for canoe and kayak access

The two plans call for seven segments to be implemented over the next four to five years. (1) Under construction is the Downtown Connector to Tift Park and the entrance to the Albany-Sasser Rail Trail. (2) The segment of the Albany-Sasser rail trail from N. Monroe to Palmyra Road will be under construction in 60-90 days. (3)The Albany State University to Downtown segment has been designed, construction drawings prepared and this section of the trail should go out for bids sometime in the next ninety days. (4) The Radium Springs Trailhead and two mile loop around the former golf course have been designed, construction drawings prepared and this section should go out for bids sometime before the end of the year. (5)The next segment for immediate attention by Flint River Trails Inc. is the Cox Landing/Philema Road to Chehaw Park segment (6)The Sasser Trailhead was designed by Wakeford and McGee, Architects and has received a DNR Recreational Trails grant and is ready for implementation when the Albany-Sasser Rail Trail reaches the Town of Sasser.
All in all, the Flint River Trails System will provide the Greenway trail infrastructure to promote walking, biking, hiking, skateboarding, birding and other uses in order for our region to compete for business and industry that will employ today's generation of workers. These Greenway trails will entice the area's young people to stay home instead of moving away.

Fussell to Oakland Map
Albany/Sasser Map